TDG Inc partners with organizations to use Information Technology (IT) as an effective business tool by providing a wide range of unbiased IT services. We use the word “unbiased” because we are objective about information technology since our revenues come from services – not hardware or software sales.

Based on your business plan, our project management experts create a parallel, cost-effective plan and maintenance program for your computer network that suits your vision. As a technical service provider, TDG offers a wide variety of services to help you manage your network including project management, network implementation, certified product support and consulting.

We focus on supporting the base technologies that make up your network – operating systems, application software, routers, servers, firewalls and personal computers. Our goal in implementing a network is to create a system that maximizes up-time and minimizes administration and maintenance. Our project consultants and engineers focus on creating a network solution to run the applications you’ve selected.

Once your network has been implemented and your applications are installed, you can be assured that TDG will be there to provide maintenance, software updates and consulting services for future projects. We constantly train on the new technology we choose to support. It’s not enough for our engineers to know how to implement or troubleshoot a product, we master the products to support and maintain your implementation.

Our services are delivered through a local office. We live and work in the same community as your business and employees. The end of the day or the end of a consulting project does not mean that we disappear. We drive back to our office and homes in the same community. Since we can run into you at the mall, the PTA meeting, the Little League game, the service club meeting or other places, we have a vested interest in being your good neighbor.