How important is your company’s data? In today’s business world, it’s a question we’re often asked. As the technology in your office becomes more prevalent, a good backup system becomes more critical. Do you already have a good backup system installed? Is it working properly? Are you sure?

Sound Backup Management Solutions

  • Backup Management
  • Assessing data recover needs
  • Storage Area Network
  • Automating Backups
  • Hard Drive Imaging
  • Recovery of Lost/Deleted Data

Most lost data in our business sector happens even though a backup system had been installed. The data was lost because a backup plan was not implemented correctly. It’s very easy to get relaxed, and forget to monitor your backups.

The storage area network (SAN) is an emerging architecture that offers a solution to information storage and delivery throughout the enterprise. A SAN offers a fast, reliable, point-to-point solution today but allows for future investment in hardware and software technologies.

The SAN methodology offers improvements in data reliability, availability, serviceability, scalability, flexibility and manageability. Users and applications are able to access information across heterogeneous platforms and share common storage, files and devices. To simplify, A SAN can be defined as a “high-speed network that establishes a direct connection between storage elements and servers”. Fiber Channel technology has opened a pathway for this methodology to be deployed as an internationally accepted standard.

The basic building blocks of a SAN include an interface (Fiber Channel, SCSI, ESCON), interconnects (switches, routers, hubs), a protocol (SCSI, IP), software and storage devices (RAID, tape libraries, optical devices) all attached to multiple servers.

Here at TDG Inc, we understand how important your company’s data is to you. We are also very experienced in the correct backup strategies to keep your data safe. Let us take the hassle out of backup monitoring. On a regular basis, we can stop by your office, pick up tapes for offsite storage, and check for valid backups. We can also work with your organization to come up with a sound disaster recovery plan to insure your company’s data.

If your company’s data is important to you, but you don’t have the manpower or the know how to keep it safe, then this may be the plan for you. Contact us today, and let us help keep your data safe!