TDG Inc employs a staff of A+ certified technicians, who specialize in the repair and maintenance of computing and peripheral equipment. Our technicians distinguish themselves as capable technicians by the training and work experience required to complete the A+ certification. By requiring all of our technicians to attain the COMPTIA A+ certification, we are confident they are the right personnel to service your needs.

Providing preventive maintenance on computer equipment is considered just as crucial as repairing a computer when it’s inoperable. By providing preventive maintenance on computers and printers, we’re able to reduce user downtime, prevent data loss, and reduce occurrences of problems before they manifest. These services are recommended by TDG Inc to extend the useful life of the equipment. TDG Inc provides this service to its clients to keep their systems running at optimum performance.

  • Computer Repair
  • Equipment Installation
  • System Optimization
  • Software Patch and Update Management
  • Antivirus Updates
  • Spyware Removal
  • Proper Software Installation

Since 90 percent of all computer related problems are software related, we require our technicians to become familiar with the installation, maintenance, and support of many typical software packages found in different offices. If they are called upon to troubleshoot a particular problem they have not encountered in the past, they have the appropriate resources to research the problem efficiently.

These resources include several senior consultants who have contributed countless years of software troubleshooting, an intensive office knowledgebase of problems and solutions, and support contracts with many software manufacturers.