The computer networking environment is the mission-critical platform for our clients’ operational and business strategies. For virtually all of today’s premier applications, the network itself is the essential, enterprise enabling technology.

Computer Networking can be overwhelming and frustrating to many people. Why overload employees with having to learn networking concepts or hire outside firms with an unproven track record. TDG Inc, the network specialists, can handle ALL of your computer networking needs. We specialize in all areas of Network Implementation and maintain several networks throughout our service area. Would you like to learn more about our past Network Implementations? Call us at (860) 479-2901.

Networked computer systems are the primary resource that organizations utilize to support their internal and external customers. Before deciding to implement a network solution, it is important to understand the many benefits gained by networking.

Internally, one can expect increased organizational efficiency. The ease in which employees can access/retrieve data dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort spent on such tasks. Enhanced employee collaboration due to the streamlining of communication increases overall productivity.

Externally, a business that is well organized will be able to provide better service to its customers. Better service can generate more revenue which can lead to expansion and growth.

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  • Backup Management
  • Network Design
  • Internet Presence
  • Maintenance
  • Remote Access