To meet the challenges of the changing workplace and maximize the resources available to field personnel, more and more organizations are building networks to support “anywhere, anytime” communications and computing.

Whether your personnel are at home, virtual, mobile, or on-site with customers, TDG Inc provides transparent, secure, remote connectivity to the corporate LAN or WAN.
Remote connectivity provides the enterprise the benefits of increased utilization of GroupWare applications such as e-mail, scheduling, and other collaborative productivity-enhancing tools.

Features of Remote Connectivity

  • Complete Access to Corporate Network Resources
  • GroupWare Functionality
  • Off-line Input and Processing (Cost Reduction)
  • Enterprise Level Security Tools
  • User Authentication
  • Transaction Tracking and Accounting

Providing remote access to the corporate network enhances resource utilization, improves workforce efficiency, and increases Return on Technology Investment (ROTI). Further benefits to the organization include:

  • Improved Customer Service
  • Significant Productivity Gains
  • Increased Radius of Operation and Customer Coverage
  • Reduced Real Estate Costs
  • Reduced Commuting Time / Expense
  • Improved Employee Morale

Selecting the Optimal Technologies

The optimal approach for supporting remote users is application and customer dependent. TDG Inc has the knowledge and experience to select the best network and computing hardware, the highest functionality software applications, and the appropriate user environment as well.

Our Technical Specialists are always available to provide network service and support. Our primary objective is to ensure that your remote connectivity network applications are continuously available and that all security requirements are met.